Friday, September 16, 2011

Fantasy Mausoleum Terrain WIP

Originally I had intended this piece to just be a flat, elevated, grassy surface. After thinking about it for a while, I couldn't figure out what need of a flat, elevated, grassy surface anyone in a fantasy city would have.


When I carved the blocks, it was right after I had placed the mud. Although they came out ok, I probably should have waited. The second picture was inscribed three hours later, and as you can see, the area is still wet but drying. Like an epoxy, this was much easier to work with when it was drying.

I textured the top bricks with drywall mud to add stability. If you haven't seen my previous post about DryDex Spackling, you can do so here. I love working with pink foam, but areas like corner tend to become flimsy since only a very small portion of the brick is still attached to the rest of the foam. For this reason, I textured the top surface. Also, I think the bricks being raised above the ground makes the piece more dynamic, not one equally elevated area. I also textured the rest of the top to make the ground uneven before glueing on different sized ballast. 

To continue last week's post on the advantages of drywall mud over spackle, I decided to add some sunken tiles to the ground, to add something decorative to the flat area. At first I was smashing the mud off, with my pen (the bottom right) before I realized I could just cut the area out. Instead of crumbling, the mud dried to a solid patch. Although this isn't terribly durable, I could see it being a cheap alternative to greenstuff in some cases.

As a further test, I added the ballast to the area around the tile when the mud was still wet, rather than waiting and adding glue. Once this was dry, I had to add another layer of ballast. After this was done, I still wasn't sure as to what the piece should be, but I found a bunch of tomb stone bits in a bag of Empire and Undead pieces I purchased on eBay last year. I don't see me ever needed tomb stones for anything else so I decided to add them to this.

With a fence and some tomb covers with shields, I think this is ready to paint. I can't think of any other details that I can add to this.

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