Thursday, September 1, 2011

Airbrush Practice

Now that I have a place to use my airbrush, I started practicing so I can actually get some use out of it. I'm having trouble thinning paints out within the airbrush, although Vallejo Model Air paints are working great by themselves.

I made a mold of a Menoth Heavy Warjack to practice on, mainly so that I won't need to strip the model afterwards.

I used a Tamiya putty rather than green stuff because it's about three dollars instead of fourteen. I also used Instamold.

When painting, I covered the whole thing with black paint, the airbrush does a great job making a smooth base coat. If nothing else, at least I have this use for it. I then painted almost all of the white areas with Vallejo Model Air Light Grey. Next I mixed up some Skull White  with some diluted Windex in an effort to thin my paint. I don't have the ratio right because shortly after I began spraying, the paint began to spit out of the brush, I believe because it was too thick. I added more dilution but the paint would always revert back to spitting, so the model looks very messy. Afterwards I attempted to touch up the black, and to paint the Menofixes black, as I don't have a red Model Air paint and mixing isn't going so great right now. The black came out too watery, combined with my lack of control, ended up going where it shouldn't have been.


Overall, I'm really happy how the back of the model turned out, although the front is fairly messy. I like this darker look a lot better than my current scheme, so I think I'll be painting the rest of my warjacks in this fashion. I'm going to get some Model Air paints first, so that I don't have to thin down paint and hope I get it right every time I use white.

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