Monday, August 8, 2011

Opacity in Metallic Paints

When I was starting out and learning as much as I could about painting theory, several sources said that for painting gold or brass, a brown base coat was best. Brown,  however, comes in a wide variety of options. With this in mind, I was also curious as to whether or not any other popular metallic paints had any special behavior depending on what they were painted over. So I tested Boltgun MetalTin BitzShining Gold, and my personal favorite, Brassy Brass.

I primed a plastic strip grey, my white primer wouldn't spray so I had to throw it away. I placed one coat of every non-airbrush paint that I have in a small patch along the strip. Because there are so many paints, I didn't bother to dilute any of the paints to ensure a smooth or even coat. The exception to this is Brassy Brass, but it's a very chunky paint.

One coat of metallics:


Two coats of metallics:


I wasn't sure how to photograph this so I'm sorry it isn't very clear. With the actual samples I found that it doesn't really matter what you paint Tin Bitz or Boltgun over. When it comes to brass and gold, Iyanden Darksun and Gun Corps Brown offer the best foundation.

I apologize for not having anything painted this week, I'm about three years late to the Fallout 3 party and I can't stop. I did manage to clean up my desk though!


  1. My paintingspace always looks like that ;-)

    Just discovered your blog and I'm still looking around, really like what I've seen so far!

  2. Thanks a lot, hopefully you find something interesting.