Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mordhiem Reiklander Marksman

Sorry for not updating this on Sunday, I was in Philadelphia for This Is Hardcore. It was a lot of fun but this isn't the time for that.

The last time I played Mordhiem, one of my Marksmen was upgraded to a hero so I decided to paint him up. I painted him in slightly brighter colors than I had planned to paint everyone else in; I originally wanted to use a lot of browns.

It's probably hard to tell in this picture but I actually did a little bit of blending on the cape. I was finding that it was easier to paint the highlight first and the base second, but that's probably just me not being used to blending. I didn't go crazy with it, baby steps.


I may do a little more detailing, as I wanted all of the models to have a teal/cream marker to tie them into the same warband. As they are mercenaries, I'm not very concerned with them all having clothes that match.

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