Monday, August 1, 2011

Fantasy House Finished

Six months later and my first Mordheim building is complete. It's hard to stay motivated for a project that I won't be able to use until some sort of college nerd reunion way in the future. Next on the list is my equally useless Reiklander gang and then it's on to games that start with "War"





There's a little bit of touching up to do, like the basement door, but this model was a lot of fun. The floor was my first attempt at free hand. By the time I was done I really didn't feel like painting anymore, but I needed to finish. On the destroyed corner of the building I tried out weathering pigments for the first time, specifically Vallejo Carbon Black. I used a dry brush and dusted the pigments onto the model. There isn't a lot of easily available information on weathering pigments so I'm not sure if I did it right. It turned out alright but it made a large mess.

By the time I was done this is what my desk looked like:

I'm sure there's dirtier out there, but there's too much going on at one time for me. I finished assembling my Fallen Angels marines so the next steps are to clean my room and reorganize my hobby materials, reassemble any broken Necrons models I have, and try to get a playable Warmachine force painted. I need to find a full time job too, but priorities...


  1. looks so good! love the detail you put into the floor. Very inspiring and makes me want to work on my little house I started ages ago.

  2. Thanks! The floor looked really silly until I washed the whole thing. When it's dirty it doesn't seem to matter that the diamonds aren't even in size.