Sunday, August 28, 2011

Airbrush Spray Booth WIP

I feel like every week I have an excuse as to why something isn't done right, and for that I apologize. I've got some family stuff going on so I haven't been able to get anything completed, although there are several models half painted on my desk. Things aren't going to be back to normal this week either, but I'll try and get some stuff done later during the nights and post some more models, possibly throughout the week.

Before things got crazy, I bought a fan and light for an airbrush spray booth, along with some mdf board I had from when I was going to make a Mordheim table. The table never happened so I decided to re-appropriate the board, since I'm still unemployed. I was looking around in my dad's garage for some extra wood as a frame and he decided he wanted to help build the box. Long story short, my dad wanted to help but didn't have any patience so my box is big and ugly. It does what it needs to do, although I still have to wire the fan on the back as the hardware store is closed on Sundays. Here's some pictures:

There weren't enough clamps and he wanted to use liquid nail so a lot of the edges have popped up. When I get a big kid job and move out I plan on making a smaller version of this with a metal frame. I can't complain though as this will allow me to figure out exactly how big a booth needs to be with plenty of room for messing around.

Once the fan is wired, I have a hose to install onto the back to try and keep all the nasty things inside of paint out of my lungs.


  1. You'll probably also want a small filter for the fan to catch the overspray and prevent it from either gumming up your fan, or shooting out the back of your box.

  2. Thanks for the advice, I have a hose for the back to catch the overspray, I needed an adapter to hook it up to the fan. I'll look into a filter though.