Sunday, August 28, 2011

Airbrush Spray Booth WIP

I feel like every week I have an excuse as to why something isn't done right, and for that I apologize. I've got some family stuff going on so I haven't been able to get anything completed, although there are several models half painted on my desk. Things aren't going to be back to normal this week either, but I'll try and get some stuff done later during the nights and post some more models, possibly throughout the week.

Before things got crazy, I bought a fan and light for an airbrush spray booth, along with some mdf board I had from when I was going to make a Mordheim table. The table never happened so I decided to re-appropriate the board, since I'm still unemployed. I was looking around in my dad's garage for some extra wood as a frame and he decided he wanted to help build the box. Long story short, my dad wanted to help but didn't have any patience so my box is big and ugly. It does what it needs to do, although I still have to wire the fan on the back as the hardware store is closed on Sundays. Here's some pictures:

There weren't enough clamps and he wanted to use liquid nail so a lot of the edges have popped up. When I get a big kid job and move out I plan on making a smaller version of this with a metal frame. I can't complain though as this will allow me to figure out exactly how big a booth needs to be with plenty of room for messing around.

Once the fan is wired, I have a hose to install onto the back to try and keep all the nasty things inside of paint out of my lungs.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Menoth Vigilant

Being at This is Hardcore got me sick. Being on medicine made me shaky. Being shaky makes it hard to paint. That being said, I don't think I'd be very happy with this week's model regardless.

I painted up a Vigilant Light Warjack, although I have no use for it in my current list which involves me spamming Crusaders with the Harbinger. It's a fun looking model and I wanted to see what Privateer Press's resin/plastic was like. I've had this model for a while, and have gotten more (Bastions, heavy warjack kit) since. I like the material, but I don't like this particular kit. Maybe it was just me, but I couldn't get the legs to go in right, and they ended up looking a bit silly.

As far as painting goes, it's been so long since I've painted any big that I've forgotten how to paint a warjack. This might seem silly, but I'm not comfortable painting the large open areas that make up the armor on warjacks. Where should I highlight? Should the middle be the brightest or the darkest, or should there be a transition of dark to light from top to bottom? This becomes harder when there is a Menofix in the middle of every plate. I think when I'm done with everything, and there's a lot to get done, this model will be getting stripped and repainted. Hopefully I can blend by then, I tried to do so on several areas of this model, but again I wasn't very successful so I resumed layering. If anyone has any advice, it's appreciated.


I painted the gems and I think they looked pretty, but when I applied my gloss varnish, they went pretty dull. My varnish must be old since it was a little thick, I didn't expect it to gob up when it dried like it did.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mordhiem Reiklander Marksman

Sorry for not updating this on Sunday, I was in Philadelphia for This Is Hardcore. It was a lot of fun but this isn't the time for that.

The last time I played Mordhiem, one of my Marksmen was upgraded to a hero so I decided to paint him up. I painted him in slightly brighter colors than I had planned to paint everyone else in; I originally wanted to use a lot of browns.

It's probably hard to tell in this picture but I actually did a little bit of blending on the cape. I was finding that it was easier to paint the highlight first and the base second, but that's probably just me not being used to blending. I didn't go crazy with it, baby steps.


I may do a little more detailing, as I wanted all of the models to have a teal/cream marker to tie them into the same warband. As they are mercenaries, I'm not very concerned with them all having clothes that match.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Opacity in Metallic Paints

When I was starting out and learning as much as I could about painting theory, several sources said that for painting gold or brass, a brown base coat was best. Brown,  however, comes in a wide variety of options. With this in mind, I was also curious as to whether or not any other popular metallic paints had any special behavior depending on what they were painted over. So I tested Boltgun MetalTin BitzShining Gold, and my personal favorite, Brassy Brass.

I primed a plastic strip grey, my white primer wouldn't spray so I had to throw it away. I placed one coat of every non-airbrush paint that I have in a small patch along the strip. Because there are so many paints, I didn't bother to dilute any of the paints to ensure a smooth or even coat. The exception to this is Brassy Brass, but it's a very chunky paint.

One coat of metallics:


Two coats of metallics:


I wasn't sure how to photograph this so I'm sorry it isn't very clear. With the actual samples I found that it doesn't really matter what you paint Tin Bitz or Boltgun over. When it comes to brass and gold, Iyanden Darksun and Gun Corps Brown offer the best foundation.

I apologize for not having anything painted this week, I'm about three years late to the Fallout 3 party and I can't stop. I did manage to clean up my desk though!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fantasy House Finished

Six months later and my first Mordheim building is complete. It's hard to stay motivated for a project that I won't be able to use until some sort of college nerd reunion way in the future. Next on the list is my equally useless Reiklander gang and then it's on to games that start with "War"





There's a little bit of touching up to do, like the basement door, but this model was a lot of fun. The floor was my first attempt at free hand. By the time I was done I really didn't feel like painting anymore, but I needed to finish. On the destroyed corner of the building I tried out weathering pigments for the first time, specifically Vallejo Carbon Black. I used a dry brush and dusted the pigments onto the model. There isn't a lot of easily available information on weathering pigments so I'm not sure if I did it right. It turned out alright but it made a large mess.

By the time I was done this is what my desk looked like:

I'm sure there's dirtier out there, but there's too much going on at one time for me. I finished assembling my Fallen Angels marines so the next steps are to clean my room and reorganize my hobby materials, reassemble any broken Necrons models I have, and try to get a playable Warmachine force painted. I need to find a full time job too, but priorities...