Monday, July 11, 2011

Fallen Angels

My last update was made on vacation in Florida so I was completely unprepared for the laziness that graduating has brought upon me. I think I'm starting to get it under control, but I'm sitting in my underwear writing on a blog instead of unpacking so maybe not. Like just about everyone else in the hobby, I've been super bummed (yet not surprised) by GW's price increases. Unfortunately when I tried to play Warmachine at my LGS, everyone was rolling that scatter die so I thought it'd be fun to start work on an idea I've been tossing around for a while. 

I found a ton of Space Marine marine stuff in the bits bin for super cheap, five marines for two dollars on the sprue, and my Fallen Angels army was started. I don't know a lot about Chaos Space Marines so I need to figure out a good, balanced list. For summoned lesser daemons, I'll be using Night Goblins as Watchers in the Dark. I have some Night Goblins from the Warhammer Fantasy paint set that I'm never going to use so it's a start.

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