Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fallen Angels Obliterator Techpriest WIP

I'm still in the process of painting my house, most of the paint is being absorbed so it's requiring a tedious amount of coats. Someone once told me that you don't have to prime terrain, you can just start painting it or just throw a coat of black on it first. This is not true, despite having painted most of the inside, I had to prime the floor because the paint didn't want to attach itself to the card.

Friday night I was around the hobby store so I decided to pick up the next piece for my army, despite not having done much with my veterans squad. Because the Chaos Space Marine Obliterator is the ugliest model that I've ever seen, I decided a count as techmarine/techpriest would probably be the best option. I started with a techpriest since he's significantly cheaper. I hacked up all the bits that I could find and glued them onto the figure, I've got some major holes and gaps to fill still. Once I acquire the bits for the rest of the model(s) I'm going to throw some Watchers in the Dark onto the base holding the weapons that don't fit.

I'm going to need to figure out a basing scheme as well. Maybe urban?

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