Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reiklanders Warband

I'm starting a Mordheim campaign on Friday using the following rules, which are a WIP to try and balance out the core rulebook. Some of it is made up, but a lot of it is just taken from various places.

Despite having a paper due Friday, I decided to build my warband up out of the bits I've been collecting over the past few weeks.

My captain is going to be an Empire duelist, I like the idea of having a noble lead the warband. To the right is an Empire captain, who is some sort of hedge night following my noble. To the right is a regular guy with a great weapon, since champions gain experience faster making the great weapon viable with the strongman skill.

My marksmen are just a few wood elves, I forget the specific unit. Glade guard?

My youngbloods have the oldest heads that I could find. I think there's a certain irony in that. Also, the youngbloods have a bunch of shit on their backs to make the group more like a party of adventurers. The lantern should also help with hiding.

Warriors are just a few Empire State Troops.

Group shot.

Everyone has their starting equipment modeled on them, with the exception of the rope and hook both archers are carrying. I think I'm going to wait a few games before I paint them since I plan on upgrading away from hammers and maces as soon as I get the gold. I'm not sure how well remodeling everything after there is paint on the model will go.

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