Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reiklander Champion

This is the first model I've painted using zenethil lighting. I'm not sure it really helped the way I paint, the only part of the model I really noticed it on was the cape. If I were to ever start high elves or something I think I would use it because it adds small shades and highlights with only a base coat so I could get a lot of stuff done very quickly.

I think I'm going to be using the arcane blue/cream as a way of tying together my warband, while ever model will be doing their own thing since they are mercenaries. My only worry as that my champion looks too busy.

I've also started green stuffing one of the state troopers because I'm disappointed in the level of detail that they have. Unfortunately I'm not very good at sculpting either so if this turns out bad I'll just scrape it all off and start over.

Also, I got some grant money for an academic project I'm working on so I bought way more stuff than I can ever hope to paint. The Bastions and Seneschal came in the mail and I have zero desire to pin them. I can't imagine how terrible the Harbringer will be when she gets here...

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  1. this guy turned out really well! I try to use zenethil highlighting as well on my minis to create some lighting effect. Takes some getting used to. I definitely need more practice with it.