Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reiklander Champion

This is the first model I've painted using zenethil lighting. I'm not sure it really helped the way I paint, the only part of the model I really noticed it on was the cape. If I were to ever start high elves or something I think I would use it because it adds small shades and highlights with only a base coat so I could get a lot of stuff done very quickly.

I think I'm going to be using the arcane blue/cream as a way of tying together my warband, while ever model will be doing their own thing since they are mercenaries. My only worry as that my champion looks too busy.

I've also started green stuffing one of the state troopers because I'm disappointed in the level of detail that they have. Unfortunately I'm not very good at sculpting either so if this turns out bad I'll just scrape it all off and start over.

Also, I got some grant money for an academic project I'm working on so I bought way more stuff than I can ever hope to paint. The Bastions and Seneschal came in the mail and I have zero desire to pin them. I can't imagine how terrible the Harbringer will be when she gets here...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reiklanders Warband

I'm starting a Mordheim campaign on Friday using the following rules, which are a WIP to try and balance out the core rulebook. Some of it is made up, but a lot of it is just taken from various places.

Despite having a paper due Friday, I decided to build my warband up out of the bits I've been collecting over the past few weeks.

My captain is going to be an Empire duelist, I like the idea of having a noble lead the warband. To the right is an Empire captain, who is some sort of hedge night following my noble. To the right is a regular guy with a great weapon, since champions gain experience faster making the great weapon viable with the strongman skill.

My marksmen are just a few wood elves, I forget the specific unit. Glade guard?

My youngbloods have the oldest heads that I could find. I think there's a certain irony in that. Also, the youngbloods have a bunch of shit on their backs to make the group more like a party of adventurers. The lantern should also help with hiding.

Warriors are just a few Empire State Troops.

Group shot.

Everyone has their starting equipment modeled on them, with the exception of the rope and hook both archers are carrying. I think I'm going to wait a few games before I paint them since I plan on upgrading away from hammers and maces as soon as I get the gold. I'm not sure how well remodeling everything after there is paint on the model will go.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I finally got around to doing some bases to actually see what they will look like. I probably should have done a test model before I pinned my entire army, but I think it looks good.

I also started putting some Mordheim stuff together. Here are the bases that I plan to use for them.

I'm going to go Reiklanders, I made a 500 gc warband exactly but I'll need to tweak it for a few days before I finish buying models.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Avatar Cape

So the stock Avatar of Menoth has four stupid girly capes to put underneath each shoulder, all of which are flat. In order to attach the capes, the Avatar must have his arms parallel to the ground, lending to the Avatar's infamous box shape. I tried my hand at sculpting half capes for each shoulder and I think they turned out better than anything else I've sculpted before. Like most people say, the trick is in letting it cure a little bit first. I saw an Avatar with one shoulder cape a long time ago on PP's forum and it looked pretty cool. I opted for two capes since there is a fracture in the left arm that is unsightly, and the right arm is very weak so the capes will provide stability.