Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wolfed Finished-ish

At first I tried highlighting the wolfen, who has been base coated Greatcoat Grey with a mixture of half Greatcoat and half Frostbite which didn't look right. I think this is mainly because the contrast between the two colors was a bit much.

I then reapplied a thin layer of Greatcoat to cover up my highlighting. From here I attempted both two brush blending and wet blending, neither of which were yielding very good results. I will figure out how to blend soon, but I don't want to mess up a mostly painted model.

I gave everything a Coal Black + Armor Wash wash and then painted up to Greatcoat Grey again, leaving the wash in the recesses. From here I tried again to highlight, thought it looked ok and then tried to highlight from that with pure Frostbite. 
Before Frostbite:

It looked too bright so I brought most of it back to Greatcoat Grey, resigned the idea of highlighting the flesh and finished the rest of the model. I think I'm trying to make too big of a leap between Greatcoat and Frostbite, even with a mid tone.

The mini is now in the land of almost completed models who need based. It may be there for a while since I have no actual use for this.

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