Saturday, February 5, 2011

Terrain progress

At first the white card on the house was going to be a balcony but then I was in a dilemma as to what material the floor could possibly be since a fantasy balcony overhang would probably not be stone. With that in mind I made the house extend the hole way, cut a hole in the white card and made a balsa wood ladder popping through so it would look like someone broke in. This is not shown in the picture since the ladder is lost in the mess that terrain making causes.

Since I've been on a kick to start Mordheim, which will never happen, I figured the stuff I'd make should be ruined or burnt down, and for Warmachine it would likely be a village in Llael which is always getting invaded from somewhere. Hopefully with some rivets I can make it a little more steampunky without it being completely out of place in the realm of Morheim/Warhammer fantasy.

Also, well!

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