Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Confrontation Wolfen?

I bought this model for $1.50 in the bits bin at my FLGS and thought it looked cool. The model was intact and it was already primed white so I figured I'd buy it. After trying to teach my friend who is playing Circle how to paint I figured I should paint this guy up to see how to paint something with flesh and fur. Necrons and warjacks don't generally lead to that type of experience. So far I've only base coated most of the mini and applied a Devlan Mud wash to the wrappings which I painted Menoth White Base. I'm using Greatcoat Grey for the skin and I'm going to layer up from there. I like the dark tone so I'm not sure how far up I should layer. I also want to try to paint the skin without washes, if it isn't looking good though I'll throw some Badab Black on it to try and save it.

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