Friday, January 28, 2011

Priming With Grey

The weather was above 20 degrees today so I decided I would prime a few more units so that I'd have something primed for when the weather drops again. I primed the new Vigilant warjack plastic kit, a Vassal of Menoth, High Paladin Dartan Vilmon, and a Reclaimer. The Vassal will probably get paint first since it gets used the most.

I prime primarily (get it?) with Krylon indoor/outdoor primer, and it goes on flat. Grey, white, and black all appear to go on smooth. The spray nozzle is akin to the P3 black primer at a fraction of the cost. P3 is a finer pigment but at ~$10 it's not worth it. I've also made the mistake of using Armory primer which cakes onto the mini. Armory gloss sealer ruined the three battlebox warjacks that I had painted when I started Warmachine back in the day. Krylon does none of that.

So far the grey looks good, it's a nice midtone for the darker Menoth look that I want to achieve since I'm bringing all my whites up from grey, although I wonder if bringing them up from Menoth White Basecoat, an off-white color would lend itself to my scheme. I had used it before but wasn't entirely pleased with it.

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