Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deliverers Basecoated

Today I had some free time that turned into five hours of painting the most useless unit that Menoth has, but it's the only thing I had primed and it's about zero degrees outside so I have to go with what I've got. I want to have a really dark Menoth army, closer to what the wreck markers look like than to what the Crusader looks like. Hopefully when I figure out how to paint it I can go back to the Crusader and make it darker.

I have some Vallejo soot pigments but from what I read online you have to spray it with a matte sealant and it's cold outside so I won't be able to play with that until the spring. Until then I think I'm going to have to rely on Badab Black to make things dirty.

So far this is just a base coat plus a wash. I'm a terribly slow painter and I don't know when I'll be able to add highlights, I have an internship project I should be working on.

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